Obviously by now, you know I have a special place in my heart for traveling. In 2022 alone, I have traveled to over 3 countries and 21 cities to explore the best destinations, restaurants, spas, you name it… with the goal of reporting back to you with the best of the best.

However, there are many things to consider before your adventures begin and that’s where my top 11 ‘tried and true’ travel tips come into play. A few must-knows before you jaunt away on your next vacation.

1. Use A Spinner

I highly recommend investing in a spinner suitcase. Gaining more popularity over the recent years, this is a suitcase that stands up right on all four wheels so it can roll beside, or behind, you. It also allows for you to also slip your tote over the handle and let the weight be carried by the spinner, not your shoulders.

For heavier objects, pack them near the bottom of the spinner to make the suitcase easier to maneuver.

2. Use Packing Cubes

I’ve mentioned packing cubes before, and I’ll mention them again, because they are so essential to my packing routine. It helps keep all of the contents in your suitcase organized and unpacking at your future destination a breeze.

I typically like to put a dryer sheet in each packing cube as it helps keep of the clothes fresh.

3. Bring Dry Shampoo

Carrying dry shampoo with you is a must to keep your hair refreshed without having to wash and style it each day, taking away time from exploring. Your local drug store should carry travel size options which are great for keeping the suitcase light.

If your hotel room doesn’t provide a hair dryer, I also recommend the Drybar Baby Buttercup. It is easy to pack and has fast drying time.

4. Pack Light

Less is more! I know it can be a struggle when you want to bring ALL the cute outfits in your closet but try to find neutral colors that you can mix and match. Packing light is the goal.

For shoes, try not to pack more than three pairs, including the pair you’re wearing for your flight.

For liquids, I typically keep them all in the same toiletry bag, so it’s easy to access and remove when going through airport security.

For laundry, I like to try and keep up with my “dirty pile” while traveling so I will call the hotel ahead of time to see if they have laundry service. If not, I also always keep Woolite to-go packs on hand, so I can wash the laundry myself. You can always wash in the shower or sink, if needed!

5. Laundry Bag

Always pack a laundry bag. This keeps your dirty clothes separate and makes unpacking at home much easier. Also, if you send off your laundry while on your trip, it’s ready to go!

8. Download Essentials Before

In-flight entertainment isn’t always reliable, so make sure you download backup entertainment on your tablet or laptop. Podcasts are great to load up on, because they use less battery life than movies, and are often more distracting than music.

Item to note: You never know when cell service will go down, so make sure you download an offline map for your destination and keep a copy of your travel plan on hand. I always keep a list of restaurants or coffee shops that I can pull up and reference quickly as well. Pocket-sized maps are old school but also an easy and discreet option!

9. Pouch with In-Flight Essentials

For long-haul flights, I keep a pouch in my smaller travel bag filled with all of my in-flight essentials including:

  • Ear plugs
  • Lip balm
  • Ibuprofen
  • Sanitary wipes
  • Cell phone charger
  • Readers
  • A pen *for when you inevitably have to fill out an immigration card before arrival
  • A big, cozy wrap to use as a blanket or a pillow *A non-negotiable for me when traveling
  • Another pillow option is an Ostrich pillow Go
  • Eye mask *useful for long day flights, if you want to get some shut eye before the cabin lights are dimmed

10. Stay Healthy

Drink water regularly, stretch and walk around the cabin during the flight. Pack extra snacks like granola or fruit to eat during the flight so you don’t have to eat airplane food.

11. Bring A Notebook or Sketchpad

How often do you get the opportunity to sit down for a period of distraction-free time? Why not make the most of it during long flights? Bring something to write on to get the right side of your brain working whether that is brainstorming new ideas for your business or sketching out your ideas for an upcoming party or event.

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