While visiting in the summer, it’s easy to forget that ice is to thank for Grand Teton National Park. Starting two million years ago, glaciers formed what is now the youngest mountain range in the Rockies. Ice up to 3,500 feet thick flowed across the valley floor and down the mountains, carving the iconic landscape. The six sparkling glacial lakes now act as reflecting pools to the park’s eight peaks for some of the most dramatic views in the West. Grand Teton’s 310,000 acres make it easy to safely keep your distance while surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty. Embark on a private wildlife safari to marvel as bears, bison, elk, and wolves roam their natural habitat, fly fish on Snake River, or discover hidden pockets of Grand Teton and nearby Yellowstone.

While the landscape is immense, no detail is too small at Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole. This summer getaway may even inspire you to book your return visit during ski season.

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