Every foodie loves the prospect of indulging in traditional dishes from around the world. Each food item tells a distinct story about the different cultures and histories unique to the destination. Experimenting with new flavors and tasting the combinations that are appreciated in other cultures adds another aspect to traveling that adventure and sightseeing can’t.

Since savoring these customary items is one of my favorite things to do when traveling, I created a list of my favorite foodie destinations.


Classic sushi, sake and unagi are a few of the delicious dishes Japan has to offer. They place an emphasis on high-quality seasonal ingredients to ensure only the freshest dishes are enjoyed. The favorite dish in Japan is a bowl of Miso ramen. I recommend sitting down at a local restaurant with a comforting bowl of ramen while enjoying the atmosphere and the people around you.


As a top-notch culinary location and the birthplace of chocolate, boasting corn and bean-based dishes, you are sure to find something to excite your taste buds. If you’re in Mexico City, make sure you try the local specialty of Huarache, while a visit to Guadalajara wouldn’t be complete without a sip of its world-famous Tequila.


Argentina is the original meat and wine lovers’ destination. The fertile land has made this country paradise for feeding cattle and cultivating first-class grapes in Mendoza. Enjoy a scrumptious steak alongside a full-body wine in this stunning destination.


The food experience in Vancouver is an extension of its health-conscious and eco-friendly ways of life. The culinary scene incorporates local, organic and responsibly sourced ingredients, making every dish taste as fresh as possible. If you struggle to enjoy vegetables head to Vancouver’s West End neighborhood for a pleasant surprise.  


Thailand blends the varying tastes and flavors of its surrounding regions to create an intense and diverse dining scene. Its capital, Bangkok, is regarded as one of the best dining destinations on the planet with its truly authentic and yummy street food. Chances are, you have enjoyed Pad Thai at home, but nothing beats the zingy flavors provided by the real thing.


The pretty Basque seaside town of San Sebastian is nothing short of heaven for gourmands, specializing in pintxos. This truly delectable form of tapas is typically enjoyed with a glass of txacolí – the lightly sparkling wine typical of the Basque country.


The word “cuisine” quite literally comes from France, so it is only fitting that the nation provides some of the finest food in the world. For the most delicious experiences that France has to offer, take yourself to Lyon, possibly the most gourmet city in all of France and loved by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr.

For the next time you Jaunt Away on a delicious outing!

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