The Ultimate Guide to Planning Trips Around Sporting Events

For sports enthusiasts and travel lovers, combining the excitement of a live sporting event with a memorable travel experience is the perfect excuse for a getaway. In this guide, we’ll dive into planning incredible trips around some of the most famous sporting events around the world.

Olympic Gate by Craig Maccubbin on flickr/CC BY 2.0

1. The 2024 Olympics (July/August)

The 2024 Olympics, taking place in July and August, promise to be a blend of athleticism, excitement and culture. If you’re an Olympics enthusiast, consider planning your trip to Paris, the host city, well in advance. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, witness new world records being made and explore the city’s rich history and cuisine when you’re not cheering for your favorite athletes.

2. Formula 1 in Monaco (May) and Las Vegas (November)

For those who love to watch car races, the Formula 1 races in Monaco and Las Vegas are a must. The Monaco Grand Prix in May offers a unique experience as cars race through the winding streets of this luxurious destination, creating a thrilling atmosphere. In November, Las Vegas hosts its inaugural F1 race, combining the excitement of racing with the glamour of the entertainment capital of the world. Plan your trip around these races to witness the perfect blend of adrenaline and luxury.

3. Kentucky Derby (May)

The Kentucky Derby isn’t just a horse race, it’s a cultural event that combines tradition with glamour. This event, held in May, showcases the finest horses competing in the “most exciting two minutes in sports.” Dress in your best attire and witness this historic event. Combine your visit to the Kentucky Derby with exploring bourbon distilleries for an all-inclusive travel experience.

4. The Super Bowl (February)

For football fanatics, the Super Bowl is the peak of sports entertainment. This American tradition brings together sports, music and commercials like no other event. Las Vegas will get its first crack at hosting the celebration in 2024, with the game set for February 11th at Allegiant Stadium. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite team or simply there for the halftime show, attending a Super Bowl promises an intense atmosphere that will leave you amazed long after the game is over.

5. Wimbledon (July) and Australian Open (January)

Tennis lovers will find their paradise at Wimbledon or the Australian Open. The Wimbledon Championships in July radiate with British charm and elegance, with players battling it out on the famous grass courts. The Australian Open in January is known for its fast-paced and aggressive style of playing combined with its beautiful scenery. This allows you to experience the thrilling matches, while also exploring the lively city of Melbourne.

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