sometimes, all you need is a carry-on.

There are many perks to packing light, especially for far or long trips. Avoid paying baggage fees, fewer lines at the airport check-in, not waiting for baggage claim, or worrying about lost or missing luggage can make your trip more seamless. I don’t know about you but sometimes packing can be difficult, and you want to ensure you still have everything you will need.

The key to success? Stay organized. I usually achieve this through packing cubes and a capsule wardrobe.

Maximize your outfits and consider using a capsule-style wardrobe composed of interchangeable items. Pro tip: Try to avoid crazy patterns that are hard to match and instead stick to neutral items that can be worn multiple times. And remember, it’s okay to repeat outfits on longer trips.

Using packing cubes is a game-changer to help stay organized. When packing your clothes into the cubes, lay everything out first to ensure that you have complete outfits. Fold your clothes to best suit your packing cube with the least amount of space being taken up. Then puzzle them into your suitcase to get the perfect fit. Also, when you get to your destination, you won’t have to worry about making a mess when looking for one item; you will just have to find the one cube it is in.

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Keep your electronics organized to contain the wire mess in just one bag. I prefer a waterproof, zippered Aloha bag. They have a bunch of different patterns and designs to choose from and it lays flat, so it’s the perfect addition to keep your packing light. I also keep an extra set of chargers and chords in my bag so I can grab and go when traveling, all I have to add in is my AirPods.

When it comes to the size and weight of your carry-on, make sure to check guidelines as there are different regulations depending on the airline you choose to fly for liquids and other toiletries. I typically keep travel size toiletries ready to go at anytime!

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